RealityBites by Broc Smith

Mr. Smith is a theatre trained “hands-on designer” with over 20 years of experience in theatre performance, costume, prop, stage design and construction before coming to Asia in 1993. Beginning with exhibitions and events in Singapore, he has been involved in designing world-class expos throughout Southeast Asia and many nation-wide events. He helped create China’s first world-class water park in Shanghai. He was one of the principal designers for Asia’s largest aquarium in Pudong. He was also a principal designer for Happy Valley Beijing and is now part of the development of new Leisure Destination Concepts in China’s domestic tourist market. Mr. Smith has been a senior designer for multinational companies as well as an independent freelancer.
Having gone on holiday with his family January 2020 to visit his mother, Mr. Smith and family have not been allowed to return to their home in China so has begun to reinvent himself by drawing editorial cartoons. As an outsider living nearly 3 decades outside his own country, his perspective is unique.